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Meet Our Staff

  • Dealership Contacts (866) 590-0875
    • Bob Siviglia Photo
      Bob Siviglia
      General Manager
    • Helene Segool Photo
      Helene Segool
      Customer Relations Director
    • Carol Busbee Photo
      Carol Busbee
      Customer Service Manager
  • Sales (866) 590-0875
    • Mark Bedell Photo
      Mark Bedell
      General Sales Manager
    • Lou Chad Photo
      Lou Chad
      Used Car Director
    • Michael Caswell Photo
      Michael Caswell
      Sales Manager
    • Charlie Temkin Photo
      Charlie Temkin
      Fleet Manager
    • Tony Jones Photo
      Tony Jones
      Internet Sales Manager
    • Tony Fernandes Photo
      Tony Fernandes
      Internet Sales Representative
    • Bob Mendelsohn Photo
      Bob Mendelsohn
      Internet Sales Representative
    • Noah Web Photo
      Noah Web
      Internet Sales Representative
    • Bruce Tomchin Photo
      Bruce Tomchin
      Internet Sales Representative
    • Marlene Greenberg Photo
      Marlene Greenberg
      Sales Associate
    • Bernie Davis Photo
      Bernie Davis
      Sales Associate
    • Jackie Angstadt Photo
      Jackie Angstadt
      Sales Associate
    • Dave King Photo
      Dave King
      Sales Associate
    • Ljubica Rom Photo
      Ljubica Rom
      Sales Associate
    • Sam Yucel Photo
      Sam Yucel
      Sales Associate
    • Jesus Estevez Photo
      Jesus Estevez
      Sales Associate
    • Charles Norman Photo
      Charles Norman
      Sales Associate
    • Carmine Giuffrida Photo
      Carmine Giuffrida
      Sales Associate
    • Randy Inostroza Photo
      Randy Inostroza
      Sales Associate
    • Rick Severinsen Photo
      Rick Severinsen
      Sales Associate
    • Lisa Stachnick Photo
      Lisa Stachnick
      Sales Associate
  • Service (800) 748-2285
    • Eric Silcox Photo
      Eric Silcox
      Director of Fixed Operations
    • David Romeo Photo
      David Romeo
      Service Manager
    • Joe Caruso Photo
      Joe Caruso
      Parts Manager
  • Finance (866) 590-0875
    • James Holley Photo
      James Holley
      Finance Director
    • Ben Burnett Photo
      Ben Burnett
      Finance Manager
    • Michael Amor Photo
      Michael Amor
      Finance Manager